Impact making Business Advisory Services

Make effective desicions today with our outstanding advisory Solutions which are as shown below.

Business Planning

Be over the next few years with our outstanding Solutions.

Every business owner needs a planning advisor who has the time and space to take the long view and advice on appropriate courses of action before it is too late. With years of experience advising the local business community we have a wealth of experience and expertise for you to draw on.

Business Start Up

Globe Accountancy Services 2013’s company formation service allows you to incorporate your company instantly under competitive rates.
Most people who start up in business do so because they have a good business propositions. We can help by evaluating your ideas and helping you develop them into a viable business.
Globe Accountancy Services 2013 can continue to support your business with a host of optional professional services:

  • Business plans, cash flow projections, budgets and trading forecasts
  • Accountancy & business advice
  • Set up an internal accounting system
  • Company secretary
  • Carry out registration procedures e.g. VAT /TIN etc
  • Assess your finance requirements and advise on the most appropriate source of finance
  • Decide on the most suitable structure for your business (i.e. sole trader, partnership, limited company)

Business Advice

Through a Formal Basis or an ad hoc requests we conduct regular meetings where we discuss matters concerning your Business and together we build a strategy that will take your business to the next level.
As business advisors we work closely with you, offering strong and sound business advice geared towards ensuring the success of your business.
Much of the work that we are doing with clients in today’s economic environment is looking at consolidation, cost savings, obtaining better efficiencies and taking full advantage of the opportunities that are available for them.

Corporate Finance

Globe Accountancy Services 2013 is here to help you to determine the most suitable sources of funds for your early stage or mature business, be it obtaining a credit with a bank to finding investors and venture capitalists. Indeed, one of the most common causes of business failure is badly structured or inadequate financing.
We also assist in presenting to and negotiating with potential investors, banks and finance institutions. Our expertise and contacts will help you open doors that may otherwise have remained closed for you.
We can help you in the following aspects:

  • Conduct a feasibility study of your projects
  • Decide on the most suitable sources of finance – personal capital, bank loans, long-term commercial loans and mortgages
  • Prepare the necessary business plan, forecasts, etc.
  • Present your proposals to your chosen finance source
  • Securing venture capital
  • Presenting to and negotiating with potential investors
  • Leasing and contract hire
  • Private investments sources
  • Arrange a disposal, merger/acquisition, or management buyout/in

Corporate Recovery

It is a well known fact that many business failures could have been avoided if the owners had taken the right advice at the right time. Some of the common causes of company collapse are bad debts, reduced demand, excessive borrowing, and low property values.
Moreover, directors who ignore such problems run the risk of committing offences under the Companies Act such as fraudulent trading, wrongful trading, and preferential or undervalue transactions – for which the penalty might be disqualification, or worse.
The key is to seek professional help as soon as the first signs of difficulty appear. With timely advice a company may be saved from liquidation or receivership, particularly if there is a genuinely profitable core to the business.
Our team of trained professionals will assist you to identify the cause of your problems and recommend solutions to improve profitability and cash flow. In some cases we can help you arrange a corporate or individual voluntary scheme of arrangement, which will allow you an opportunity to try to trade out of difficulty.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Sometimes the best way to improve your competitive position in the marketplace is through a merger or acquisition. Not only is this a complex and time consuming process, if it is not well researched and skilfully negotiated it could make matters worse, not better.
This is definitely a situation where you need the support and assistance of trained professionals. Globe Accountancy Services 2013 can help you:

  • Identify potential targets for Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Screen targets for suitability
  • Prepare a negotiating strategy
  • Raise the necessary capital
  • Develop an integration plan
  • Optimize the tax and financial position of the combined enterprise

At times you may decide to improve your profitability through a disposal. Again, we can help with valuing the assets, finding suitable purchasers, and negotiating the sale.
Don’t take risks with your business – let the professionals help you.

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